UAE arms itself against Iran

The United Arab Emirates, which acquired 200 JDAM ground-to-air guidance systems in 2007, could soon have 20 times as many. On November 10, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Defense Security Cooperation Agency will soon submit a project to Congress for the export of 4,900 JDAM to the United Arab Emirates. The JDAM is a Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-aided, inertial guidance kit that can be attached to unguided MK-82, MK- 83, MK-84, BLU-109, and BLU-110conventional bombs. To date, the only other countries in the region that possess JDAM, which can be used even in low-visibility conditions, are Israel, which has over 10 000, and Saudi Arabia, which has 900. Oman also has a limited number of JDAM (less than 50). The U.S. project is designed to strengthen the Emirates’ military arsenal in the event of an operation against Iran.