United States/Terrorism: FBI arrests suspect over Pentagon bomb plot

International media reported that a US citizen was arrested on Wednesday in FraminghamMassachusetts, with the charge of plotting attacks on the Pentagon and on the US Capitol. Investigation revealed that 26-year-old Rezwan Ferdaus, the graduate of Northeastern University in physics, was planning to use a remote-controlled model airplane charged with explosives in attack against the Pentagon, as well as attacking theCapital Hill with grenades and rifles.

Ferdaus was arrested after he met with an undercover federal agent who delivered him the weapons and explosives that he requested for the attack, such as grenades, machine guns and (fake) C-4 explosive.

So far media reported that Rezwan Ferdaus planned this attack since the early 2010. He acted alone but in social networks and thematic forums in the Internet Ferdaus numerous times expressed his support to Al-Qaeda ideology and urged to launch “violent jihad” against the US. Over the last months the suspect was under surveillance of FBI agents. If convicted Ferdaus will face up to 15 years of prison sentence