North Korea moves intelligence HQ to London

IO: To facilitate North Korea’s rapprochement with Paris, which is opening a cultural centre in Pyongyang, North Korea has decided to transfer its European intelligence HQ to London.

Ri Ung Choi, the second secretary at the North Korean embassy in London, has recently become Kim Jong-il ’s head of intelligence for several Western European countries. According to information obtained by Intelligence Online, Ri not only coordinates information gathering in Ireland and Luxembourg, where he is accredited, but also in Paris, Pyongyang having gotten rid of its State Securityposition in France a few months back to facilitate diplomatic relations with Paris (IOL 646). North Korea does not have an embassy in Paris but its UNESCO mission has semi-officially fulfilled that function for a number of years (IOL 644).

Ri is also the representative in Europe of the central committee of the Korean Workers Party ’sInternational Liaison Department, and in that capacity interfaces with Britain’s Marxist-LeninistCommunist Party and other like-minded political groups. Ri is also in regular contact with Cong Peiwu, the Chinese embassy in London’s political officer and head of the political analysis service, who has particular responsibility for relations with North Korea.