Egypt/Civil Unrest: Five suspects detained over deadly attack on police station in Sinai

Egyptian MENA News Agency reported that the armed forces issued a statement on Saturday stating that they have arrested five suspects over their involvement in an attack on a police station in the northern Sinai town of El-Arish, that left seven people dead on Friday. The arrests came after an armed stormed the police station and clashed with the security forces.

Reportedly, on Friday night, around 150 men in trucks and on motorbikes attacked El-Arish police station, throwing rocks at police and soldiers and waving black flags which read “There is no God but Allah”.  Seven people, including three military officers were killed in the attack, including a 9-year-old-boy who was shot dead while trying to take a picture on his cell phone. Thirty others were reported to be injured, including army officers, security guards and civilians.

The attackers were chanting slogans about Egypt returning to Sharia law. According to General Saleh Saleh Al Masry, the Head of the Security in the North Sinai, the attackers were Islamist extremists armed with machine guns, hand grenades and rocked-propelled grenades.

The violence came after the demonstration in the same city earlier in the afternoon, which was part of the protest by Islamists who demand any future constitution to assert that Egypt is a Muslim state.