Yemen/Crisis: At least 40 killed as violence hits Sana’a

Yemeni media reported that violent clashes erupted on Wednesday between security forces and proponents of the powerful tribal leader Sheikh Sadek Al-Ahmar, who rallied the opposition in a district of the capital Sana’a after a brief night lull. Indeed, at least 40 persons were killed Tuesday in the Al-Hasaba district, north of Sana’a, during similar clashes.

On Tuesday evening, President Ali Abdallah Saleh called for security forces to cease fire and for supporters of Sheikh Sadek Al-Ahmar to withdraw from public buildings under their control. Besides, the Interior Minister announced the death of fourteen members of security forces during the latest outbursts of violence. Twenty-nine servicemen were also injured.

Clashes broke out Monday between security forces and members of theHashid tribe, after President Saleh refused to sign a transition peace agreement.  Moreover, powerful tribes including the Bani, Hareth and Arhab have sent armed people to Sana’a in order to support security forces and prevent the Hashid tribe to take control over the capital.