Morocco/Terrorism: AQIM denies involvement in Marrakech attack, calls on Muslims to topple regime

The Mauritanian news agency Nouakchott information (ANI)reported that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) issued a statement denying any responsibility in the Marrakech bombing, in which 17 people were killed, including 8 French nationals. Moreover, the statement calls on “Moroccan Muslims” to stage fresh protests “to liberate their oppressed, jailed brothers and to topple the criminal regime”.

To recall, three people were arrested last week in the city of Safi (350 km south of Casablanca) for their suspected involvement in the attack. As ESISC reported previously, sources said they were known for having recruited “volunteers” for the Jihad in Iraq. The interior statement said the main suspect “learned to make explosives on internet” and prepared “two bombs with remote controlled detonators”.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan information website Marocutionreported that Abdellatif Zahraoui, the Salafi terrorists who carried out a deadly stabbing attack on Friday April 15 in the northern port-city of Tangier, killed himself on Saturday morning. Security forces had reportedly trapped him in a house located close to the “Al-Hafa” café. To recall, rumours said that he might have been among the three suspects arrested last week. The Interior ministry’s statement did not confirmed the information.