Iran/Civil Unrest: Police crack down on “Iranian day of rage”

As the opposition in Iran is preparing for challenging the regime – inspired by the successful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt – the authorities are clamping down on the opposition, on what has been dubbed the “Iranian Day of Rage”. In the early hours of Monday, police vehicles were stationed outside the home of Hossein Mousavi – placed under house arrest – as an anti-government demonstration was called on Monday in the centre of Teheran. Additionally, several phone lines of members and leaders of the opposition have been cut.

A large security cordon has been deployed in the capital as local ESISCsources indicate that “several hundreds” of people gathered to protest in the capital. Reportedly, clashes erupted between protesters and security forces, with the latter firing live bullets at the crowd in Ferdowsi Square. Moreover, hired thugs are said to harass protesters and plain clothes police officers are dispersing crowds.

All the metro stations are closed and the main roads entering the capital have been blocked off in order to prevent more protesters flocking in. Additionally, military aircrafts are patrolling the skies over the city as at least 18 protesters have been detained.