Colombia/Insurgency: At least 28 soldiers injured as car bomb explodes in Arauca department

The explosion of a car bomb injured at least 28 soldiers on Thursday morning. Reportedly, the explosion occurred in the Tame municipality, located less than 65 kilometres from theVenezuelan border in the eastern Arauca department.

According to the commander of the army’s 18th brigade, the soldiers were guarding a bomb-laden was discovered in the Tame municipality on Wednesday afternoon. Hours after the soldiers sealed off the area and before the arrival of bomb disposal experts, the bomb was detonated and powerful blast injured at least 28 soldiers. Army reinforcements have been send to the area.

This is the latest succesful FARC (Fuerzas Revolucionarias Armadas de Colombia) attack as the rebel group seems to have reignited its bombing campaign this week. Earlier on Wednesday, another bomb-laden vehicle was discovered near Neiva, capital of the south-western Huila department.