China claims developing new missile by 2015

BEIJING(Economic Times): China is developing a new type of conventional missile with a range of 4000 km which could engage targets in land, sea, air, space and tackle cybernetic attacks “greatly enhancing” the capability of the Chinese military, official media here reported today.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation ( CASIC )), the nation’s largest missile weaponry manufacturer, is set “to complete research, production and delivery of this new generation of missile by 2015,” state run ‘Global Times’ said.

The new missile would be part of a network forming a solid defence system which can be used for attack as well as defence and capable of dealing with various threats from land, sea, air, space as well as cybernetic attacks, the report said.

“The subject under development is a medium-and long-range conventional missile with a travelling distance of as far as 4,000 KM,”, it quoted an unnamed military official involved in the development of the missile as saying.

“The research is going smoothly, and the missile will be produced and ready for service in five years,” he said, adding that the project would also entail a three-year evaluation period.

“It extends the range of China’s missiles and will therefore greatly enhance the national defence capabilities,” the source said.

The official also confirmed last year’s US military intelligence reports that said Chinese military has developed and deployed a “game changing” carrier killer missile that could hit an aircraft carrier from hundreds of km away.

“The Chinese-made Dong Feng 21D missile, with firing range between 1800 and 2800 km is already deployed in the army,” he said.

US media reports termed the Dong Feng 21D would prove to be a game-changer in the Asian security environment, where US Navy aircraft carrier battle groups have ruled the waves since the end of World War II.

US at present has three aircraft carriers in the region.