Tunisia/Civil Unrest: Military deployed in the capital following clashes between protesters and security forces

The army has been deployed on Wednesday in Tunis amid increased tension, following violent clashes that erupted on Tuesday evening between inhabitants of the Ettadem working-class suburb in the capital and security forces.

According to witnesses, hundreds of protesters ransacked shops, blocked roads with burning tires, set fire to a bus and two cars, as well as to a bank and other public buildings and threw stones at members of the security forces. Police forces tried to disperse the crowds by using tear gas and fired in the air as warning.

Meanwhile, the central-western city of Kessarine was persisting in chaos, while clashes have been also reported in the impoverished towns of El-Kefand Gafsa.

Given the worrisome development of the unrest in Tunisia, theEuropean Union, the United NationsFrance, and the United Stateshave called on authorities to show restraint in handling the situation.