The Muslim Brotherhood and ElBaradei call for protests on Friday

The unrest in Egypt is expected to continue and mobilize an even greater number of people, as Mohamed ElBaradei – returning to the country on Thursday – and the “April 6 Movement” had called on Egyptians to massively demonstrate on Friday against the government. The Muslim Brotherhood has confirmed its participation in the respective events.

Meanwhile, violent clashes opposed security forces and hundreds of demonstrators on Thursday morning, outside the headquarters of theMinistry of Foreign Affairs in Cairo. Protesters had already attacked the Ministry on Wednesday and occupied the office of one of the security guards before being dispersed with tear gas. Moreover, one protester and one policeman were reported killed on Wednesday, during clashes in the centre of the capital. Reportedly, police forces fired tear gas, while demonstrators pelted stones.

Despite a strict protests ban, outbreaks of violence were reported in several other cities on Wednesday. In the port city of Suez, at least 70 people were reported injured during clashes between protesters and police. InAlexandria, violent clashes were also reported. It is also worth mentioning that, according to the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior, at least 1,000 people have been arrested since Tuesday.