Iraq/ Terrorism: Iraqi Al Qaeda claim army base suicide raid

International Media reported that Al Qaeda’s Iraqi Affiliate claimed responsibility for the raid by suicide bombers on an army base in Central Baghdad on Tuesday. The attack resulted in the death of twelve people.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group of Al Qaeda, claimed in a statement posted on a website that five suicide bombers had carried out the attack. According to the statement, the first attackers blew up an explosives-laden vehicle at the back gate of the military compound and four attackers later stormed the compound and occupied the building.

The attack came only two weeks after at least 57 Iraqi army recruits and soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in the same compound. Washington declared U.S. combat operations as formally over last week. This implies that the U.S. soldiers that are still in Iraq will focus on advising and helping Iraqi police and forces. It still does not rule out that U.S. troops get in involved in fighting if attack, which was the case in today’s raid.