Mozambique/ Civil unrest: Total number of arrested over Mozambique riots rise to 286

The Authorities in Mozambique stated that police had arrested a total 286 people during 3 days of violent protests that left 13 dead and more than 400 injured last week. The riots were triggered by the government decision to raise the price on bread and left the capital Maputo in a paralysed state.

More than 1000 angry demonstrators took to the streets of Maputo on Wednesday in riots that were characterised by violence, vandalism and looting of small businesses. The unrest later spread to several other cities in the centre and north of the country, according to police sources.

The riots were further fuelled by widely spread text messages which urged demonstrators to continue the protests against the sharp increases in the price of food, fuel and other basic necessities. The import-dependent country has seen prices rise sharply in recent months as the Mozambican currency, the metical, has fallen 43 per cent against the South African rand since this time last year