Iraq/Terrorism: A new series of attacks against high-officials and security forces

Media reported on Thursday that armed men had killed Jameel Shihab Ahmed, Head of Administrative Affairs in the Higher Education Ministry in a shootout in Baghdad’s western district of Amiriya.

Separately, a policeman was ambushed in his car near the town of Al-Mashahda, north of Baghdad. Reportedly, the officer was injured, while two of his bodyguards were killed.

Meanwhile, two attacks were carried against checkpoints of the Sunni Awakening Councils. One of their members was killed in Tuz Khurmato, while another attack claimed the life of two members and left five others wounded in Baiji.

In western Mosul, a roadside bomb – known as the hallmark of the Al-Qaeda terrorists – exploded near a military patrol, wounding one Iraqi soldier.