Mexico/Organised Crime: Mayor killed as Tamaulipa violence escalates

International Media Reported that the Mayor of the north Mexican city of Hidalgo in Tamaulipas State was killed by suspected drug hit men on Sunday. Authorities stated that gunmen ambushed Mayor Marco Antonio Leal Garcia and opened fire on his car while he was driving through some rural parts of Hidalgo. Garcia’s daughter was also slightly injured in the incident.

It is highly likely that Garcia was murdered by the same cartel, “Los Zetas” that killed the Mayor of the neighbouring state ofNuevo Leon in an attack on August 18.

Meanwhile, another incident took place in Tampico on Saturday when a bomb exploded outside the town’s police headquarters. Two people were confirmed injured in the blast that destroyed the guard booth.

A third attack was reported in Reynosa on Saturday when 15 people were injured in two grenade attack in different parts of the city.

Drug war related violence has been escalating in the state of Tamaulipa in recent weeks. Sunday’s killing took place only three days after two car bombs exploded in the state capital, Ciudad Victoria, and the discovery of the bodies of 72 migrants gunned down at a ranch in the state.