Yemen/Insurgency: Rebel clashes leave 49 killed

Media reported on Thursday that clashes between Shiite rebels and pro-government tribes in past four days have left at least 49 people dead in northern Yemen.

Reportedly, the major clashes occurred in al-Amsheyah, in the northern Amran province, where the tribe of MP Sheikh Sagheer Aziz is allegedly besieged by the Huthi rebels.

The confrontations between the Huthi rebels and the supporters of MP Sheikh Sagheer Aziz have resulted in the death of 20 tribesmen and 10 Huthis.

According to Security OfficialsYemeni Tribal Chief Sheikh Zaidan al-Moqannay, his son and four of his bodyguards were killed in a rebel ambush in Saada late on Tuesday. But the rebels’ spokesman, Mohammed Abdul Salam denied that the rebels ambushed Moqannay, claiming that he was killed in confrontations which also resulted in the death of three rebels.

On February 11, the government and the Shiite rebels struck another ceasefire agreement to end their conflict. However, both sides repeatedly accused each other over truce breach.