Sudan/Security: renegade militia flees south Sudan oil state

On Wednesday, South Sudan’s army announced that it had chased a renegade militia commander out of his base in oil-producingUnity state. However, the army warned that he could be planning a counter-attack backed by Khartoum.

Galwak Gai is one of the three militia leaders are angry at alleged fraud in the April national election and have taken up arms against south Sudan’s government.

Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Spokesman Kuol Diem Kuo said their troops have chased Galwak Gai out of his base. Kuol said it had killed 21 of Gai’s fighters and captured 35 since it started hunting for his forces in Unity in late May.

According to the spokesman, Gai managed to slip out of Unity with more than 50 followers on Monday night and was last seen heading towards the oil- producing area of Heglig.