ELN leader arrested in Medellin

Media reported that Colombian Army on Thursday captured the National Liberation Army (ELN) leader Juan Fernando Granda, alias “El Mello” in a transport terminal in the central Colombian city of Medellin.

Reportedly, El Mello headed the ELN section in charge of “support and security” and was a Commander of the Antioquia andBolivar divisions of the terrorist organization.

According to Police Officials, El Mello headed the “Heroes de Anori” front of the ELN and trained terrorists to attack army patrols and conduct kidnappings for ransom. He spent 21 years as a guerrilla with the ELN prior to his arrest.

He was also allegedly involved in the hijacking of an Avianca flight in 1999, in which 35 passengers were taken as hostages.

Earlier on Thursday, Colombian Court sentenced Abel Nuñez Carrillo, a ELN terrorist captured in 2007 to 40 years in prison for his involvement in the hijacking of the same Avianca flight.