Al Qaeda urges Saudi Arabian citizens to abduct royals and Christians

Al-Shihri, deputy leader of Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) called on his supporters in Saudi Arabia to kidnap Christians and Saudi princes to press the release of Heila Al Qsayer, a female Al-Qaeda operative, arrested by Saudi forces, Al-Arabiya news channel reported on Thursday.

In a video tape obtained by Al-Arabiya, Al-Shihri stated that Al-Qaeda is organizing cells to kidnap princes, ministers and officials including military commanders.

Heila al-Qsayer, widow of a Saudi Al-Qaeda terrorist killed six years ago by the Saudi authorities, was arrested in Qassim. She was believed to be responsible for recruiting women to the global terrorist group.

Al-Shihri also reminded Al-Qaeda members that families of prisoners held in Saudi Arabia should take arms to fasten up their release instead of using peaceful methods, adding that this is the only way to release the prisoners.