Afghan conference ends with call for Taliban peace talks

Delegates of the peace jirga on Friday urged the government to take formal steps toward negotiating with Taleban fighters to put an end to Afghanistan’s decades old war.

The conference (jirga) said the Talebans  who joined the peace process should be removed from the UN blacklist, which imposes travel and financial bans on nearly 137 Taleban-lined people. It also said those who want to take part in Jirga must dissociate themselves from al foreign terrorist groups.

The recommendations followed three days of discussions, in which more than 1600 men and women across the country took part in the conference.

It has been reported that no prominent members of the Taleban or any other terrorist group took part in the conference which was held in Kabul.

In concluding remarks to delegates, Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on insurgents to avail the opportunity to forge a lasting peace.

Maulawi Arsala Rahmai
, a former senior Taleban leader who represents people from the eastern province of Paktia, said Talebans might accept the outcome of the jirga,  as they welcome the conference decision  for the removal of Taleban members from the UN terrorist blacklist and the release of Taleban prisoners.