UK security beefed up as possible IRA attack looms

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) started a major security operation on Friday in order to curb any possible attack from splinter dissident Irish Republican Army (IRA) groups that would hamper the British parliamentary election on May 6.

Deputy chief constable Judith Gillespie said attacks might coincide with the upcoming elections. “We are very alive to this possibility,” she said, while asserting that the decision to beef up the security was according to intelligence as well as past experiences.

As a proactive measure against the threat, extra police patrols and vehicle checkpoints have been set up across the country. Officers have been assigned to additional shifts while back-office officers are being put out on the streets. It has to be noted that two car bombs exploded this month just outside police headquarters, including the Northern Irish headquarters of the MI5, and a third similar bomb was defused.