Belgium: Terrorist group threatens to perpetrate terrorist attacks because of “Burqa ban”

A video clip threatening Belgium with terrorist attacks has been broadcasted on Wednesday evening by the Flemish television channel VTM. Posted on the internet by an “Arab terrorist group”, the video clip shows images of Taliban fighters wearing war uniforms. The threat came a week after the lower house of the Belgian parliament voted to ban the wearing of Full-Face Veils in public. The author of the message claimed this law was a violation of the Muslim rights.

It is worth mentioning that radical group “Sharia4Belgium” had already received last week a letter of support from Jordanian Jihadist ideologist Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi concerning how to implement the Sharia in Belgium. Moreover, it needs to be recalled that Malika El Aroud, and eight other people of an Al Qaeda-linked terrorist cell, recently went on trial in Brussels charged with having recruited jihadists and planning attacks.