Two alleged FARC guerrillas killed

The Ecuadorian armed forces have killed two suspected rebels belonging to Colombia’s FARC, during a gun fight, said news reports on Monday. Later, the Joint Command of Ecuador’s Armed Forces confirmed that its army was on patrol when the confrontation broke out in the Amazon province of Sucumbios, an area on the border with Colombia. The authorities also seized arms, ammunitions, communications equipment, and documents relating to the group, military uniforms and civilian clothes.

Earlier this month, officials in Quito had announced destroying a FARC camp found in its territory, between the provinces of Carchi and Sucumbios. The guerrillas had reportedly used the camp to manufacture bombs. Diplomatic relations between the two nations had frozen after Bogota carried out an unauthorised military strike against a FARC base in its neighbour’s territory on March 1, 2008. 25 people were killed in the raid, including FARC’s number-two commander Raul Reyes. Since then, Quito has tightened its border security.