Nigeria/Terrorism: JTF warned about a planned attack on Shell facilities

Timothy Antigha, the military spokesman of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in the oil rich Niger Delta region on Sunday issued a statement where he disclosed information about possible attack on oil facilities of the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in the region. According to Antigha, “certain people” are looking forward to launch an attack and destroy Shell’s oil and gas infrastructure in the Delta. Antigha also advised the rebels, who are behind the plot “to abandon the idea immediately in their interest and that of the nation”.

The government has processed amnesty program in a bid to tackle the oil-rebels and their violent attacks. However, the officer confirmed that such programme does not hold back the rebels from thwarting any attack. “Consequently, the JTF warns that it will destroy any group … who attempt to sabotage oil and gas installations or dislocate the prevailing peace and tranquillity in the Niger Delta.”