Mexico/Organised crime: Six hotel guests kidnapped by gunmen

At least 6 people, including an American woman, have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from two hotels in downtownMonterreyNuevo Leon state, early on Wednesday. About 50 gunmen stormed into the Holiday Inn and Hotel Mision and took the hostages away, said a spokesman for the state’s Investigations Agency (AEI). He also added that a security guard at the Holiday Inn has been missing since the incident, but it is not clear if he was kidnapped along with the hotels’ guests.

It has been reported that the miscreants acted in a very organised manner and took the hotel security videos too. They had hijacked several large trucks and used them to barricade several streets to stop authorities from reaching on time. Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Monterrey has shrugged of the reports of a woman from Texas being among the hostages.

Separately in city of Cuernavaca, two dead drug traffickers were found along with a threatening note to kill 25 more drug gang members. Police said the killings are part of a battle between two gangs – headed by Hector Beltran Leyva and Edgar Valdez Villarreal