Greece/Insurgency: policemen attacked in central Vathis Square

Two separate attacks against policemen occurred on Wednesday on Vathis Square in central Athens, injuring one traffic policeman, media reported.

Reportedly, the first incident occurred at 5.30 am. (local time) when unknown assailants attacked a traffic police officer who was on his way to work. The attackers took of with the officer’s cell phone and 40 Euros and slashed his face with a knife, leaving him with minor injuries.

The second incident happened in the afternoon. As a pair of policemen stopped two pedestrians for a routine inspection, one of the men suddenly opened fire at the officers, but failed to hit them. The officers overpowered both suspects and found masks when searching them. According to police both men may have robbed a bank earlier in the day.

Although not directly linked with anarchist violence, these attacks on police officers indicate that tensions remain high throughout Greece and especially in the capital.