3 Killed in US Consulate Attack in Pakistan

A deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Peshawar has killed at least three people, hours after a suicide bomber killed at least 36 people elsewhere in Pakistan’s northwest.  

A U.S. Embassy spokeswoman in Islamabad confirmed the attack on the consulate.

It was not immediately clear if those killed were the attackers, consulate staff, or others nearby at the time of the blasts.

At least three powerful blasts rocked the heavily guarded and fortified building and the surrounding area, followed by gunfire.  Police quickly closed off the area.

Earlier Monday, authorities say a suspected suicide bomber killed at least 36 people and wounded scores of others at a political rally in the Lower Dir district.

The Awami National Party, which heads the ruling coalition in North West Frontier Province, was meeting to discuss a name change for the province.

The ANP has supported military operations against the Taliban and Islamist militants in the country.