US sanctions target Al-Qaeda in Iraq

The US Treasury Department on Thursday imposed financial sanctions against Muthanna Harith al-Dari, an Iraqi, for allegedly providing financial assistance and other services to AlQaeda in Iraq (AQI).

Reportedly, al-Dari provided one million dollars to AQI member who recruited and trained fighters, and funded a group which used improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in attacks on Coalition Forces. He also funded another AQI cell and his own group the 1920s Revolutionary Brigade.

The Treasury Department also accused al-Dari of providing operational guidance to terrorist groups to carry out attacks against Iraqi Forces and Coalition Forces in Iraq.

According to the US Treasury Department, the sanctions freeze any US assets belonging to al-Dari and also prohibit American citizens from doing business with him. The Treasury said al-Dari has been added to the United Nations 1267 Committee’s list of Al-Qaeda and Taleban-linked individuals and entities.