Saudi security forces arrest over hundred people who plotted attacks against oil facilities

Saudi Arabia‘s state-run media reported on Wednesday that Saudi security services have arrested more than hundred suspected terrorists believed to be linked with Al-Qaeda.

Mansour al-Turk, an interior ministry spokesman stated that 47 Saudis and 51 foreigners were were involved in a plot to attack vital targets in the kingdom, including oil facilities and security forces.

Reportedly, the terrorists were organised in three cells, two of which were planning to attack oil and security facilities in the oil-producing Eastern Province. The detainees included a Yemeni who security officials describe as being a key member of Al-Qaeda.

According to officials most of the terrorist were arrested in the southern province of Jazan, near the border with Yemen. Security forces seized explosives belts, weapons, cameras, documents and computers during the operation. However, officials didn’t specify the exact date of the raids.