Police captured FARC finance head

On Wednesday Colombian officials reported about the arrest of Ivan Dario Tobon, alias “Marrano Mono,” the finance controller for the FARC’s 10th front.

Police said after an 18-month investigation Tobon was nabbed in the city of Armenia, in the Quindio department, Central Colombia. Meanwhile, according to police FARC’s is active mostly in the eastern Arauca and Casanaredepartments. “He was heading south in order to receive instructions,” one security official, stated.

Reportedly, Tobon was the right-hand man of German Briceño, alias “Grannobles,” brother of the commander of FARC’s eastern block, Mono Jojoy.

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC was established in 1964 as the military wing of theColombian Communist Party. It is composed by approximately 9,000 combatants and several supporters, mostly in rural areas. Over the past six years, the rebel group has suffered a heavy setback following several military raids led by the Colombian armed forces.