Pakistan/Terrorism: jets pound militant hide-outs; 26 terrorists killed

At least 26 terrorists were killed early on Tuesdsay after Pakistani fighter planes raided and destroyed 3 terrorist hide-outs in the Orakzai tribal region of northwest Pakistan. Confirming the incident, Sami Ullah, a government official, said the raids were ment to flush out local terrorists in the area.

The government forces have been fighting hard to eradicate the Tehreek-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP) hiding in the Orakzai region, which has become a major terrorist breeding ground. Official records indicate that more than 100 terrorists and 5 soldiers  have been killed following several gun battles in the area.

Meanwhile, Taleban terrorists before dawn set ablaze a government-run boys’ primary school in the Maidan town of Lower Dir, police sources said. Nobody was hurt in the incident as the school was not yet open, but five classrooms were completely destroyed. “Militants sprinkled kerosene oil and then set it on fire. Obviously Taleban are involved,” said local district police chief Mumtaz Zarin.