New outbreaks of civil unrest against austerity measures for Greece

Greek police used fire gas to disperse demonstrators protesting against government austerity measures in Athens on Thursday.

Reportedly, nearly 20,000 demonstrators chanting slogans marched towards the parliament building in Syntagma square. The rioters lobbed petrol bombs at police and vandalised shops, banks and cinema halls.

According to the police protesters threw eggs and yoghurt cartons stolen from a supermarket at a government building in the northern city ofThessalonik. A police source stated that police detained five protesters inOmonia Square.

The strike paralyzed the transport system across the country. All the flights have been cancelled as Greek air traffic controllers left their offices. The strike also halted the movement of rail and maritime transport as well as ferry services. Bus and metro services in the Greek capital also stopped. Media report says the strike also shut down schools, universities, government offices and courtrooms.