Mexican marines raid town police force, nab eight cops

Mexican marines in the north-eastern Nuevo Leon state, apprehended eight police officers of Villaldama’s 12 officers strong police force for their alleged ties to drug cartels, official said.

Nuevo Leon Secretary General Javier Trevino stated that the town’s police chief was among those arrested. According to town hall clerk Erasmo Villarreal, around 20 masked marines were stationed outside the town hall and some others were patrolling in sports utility vehicles.

An annonymous masked marine said the police were questioned about alleged ties to drug gangs. But he declined to give any details about the arrests. The Mexican navy also declined to give any comments.

The arrests come two days after numerous police officers in other Mexican regions were detained following investigations into unlawful killings and kidnappings. Reportedly, nearly 90 policemen have been arrested in the Gulf coast town of Tierra Blanca. They were being held for questioning about the abduction of undocumented Central American migrants.