FARC guerrillas killed in Guaviare

Colombian fighter planes pounded a rebel camp in the jungle province of Guaviare, killing two suspectedRevolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas on Monday, the air officials said.

According to the statement, four other guerrillas, including two minors, have been captured by the government troops.

Reportedly, the bombing took place on Monday night in Caño Blanco, a remote area in Guaviare, which is in south-eastern Colombia.  According to air force officials the camp belonged to a guerrilla leader known as “Arnubal,” who is in command of the FARC’s 7th Front. Officials said the guerrilla commander was either not in the camp at the time of the attack or managed to escape. However, the unit’s finance chief, identified only as “Parrilla,” was injured in the bombing and captured.

The air force stated that the FARC guerrilla camp was destroyed in the bombing. No causalities from the government side or other details over the incidents have not been reported so far.