Al-Shabaab attack Kenyan forces near border

A band of Somali Al-Shabaab fighters attacked a Kenyan paramilitary security unit camp in Liboi, near theKenyaSomalia border. An unspecified number of officers were wounded in the attack.

According to Kenyan police officials, a group of suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists opened fire on paramilitary officers in Liboi during lunch hour (09:00 GMT). More details about the incident are being collected, although no deaths were reported on either side.

Al-Shabaab have repeatedly threatened and also accused neighbouring Kenya of deploying more troops to the bordering towns. Considered as a terrorist group by the US, Al-Shabaab controls much of Somalia’s south and centre and wants to overthrow the Somali government in order to establish an Islamic state under strict Sharia rule. The group said last month it had joined “the international jihad of Al-Qaeda“.