7 ELN guerillas captured in Norte de Santander

Caracol Radio reported that Colombian troops had captured seven guerrillas from the leftist insurgent group ELN (Ejército de Liberación NacionalNational Liberation Army) on Tuesday in the Norte de Santander department.

Units of the Colombian military’s 30th Brigade reportedly apprehended the ELN guerrillas during a counter-insurgency operation in the town of Sardinata. According to officials the suspects had harassed and threatened businesses and farmers in the area. They were captured with a a large quantity of drugs, arms, and cylinders in their possession.

Norte de Santander, which shares border with Venezuela is plagued by drug trafficking and illegally-armed groups such as ELN, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and other armed groups.

Meanwhile, Colombian armed forces on Tuesday rescued five employees of Tuboscop and Tenioriente oil firms, subcontractors for the U.S.-based oil company Oxy, who were kidnapped in Arauca state near the Venezuelan border last week by suspected FARC guerrillas.