Nasrallah threatens to attack Israeli infrastructure

During his Tuesday speech, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah threatened to bomb Israeliinfrastructure, including its airports and refineries, if the “Jewish state attacks Lebanon“.

Addressing thousands of his followers at a ceremony to commemorate the second anniversary of the death of Hezbollah’s military leader Imad Mughaniyeh, he said, “If you hit Rafik al-Hariri international airport in Beirut, we will hit Ben-Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. If you hit our ports, we will bomb your ports, and if you hit our oil refineries, we will bomb your oil refineries”.

Hezbollah warned that if Israel destroy building in Dahiyeh, they will retaliate and strike buildings in Tel Aviv. He added that Hezbollah was still seeking to avenge the death of Mughniyeh, who was was killed in a February 2008 car bombing in Damascus. Hezbollah holds Israel responsible for his death.

However, Nasrallah emphasized that the resistance did not seek war but was ready to face any aggressions.

Commenting on Nasrallah’s statement, a senior Israeli defense official declared that “The Iranians know that neither Israel, Syria or Hezbollah have an interest in any violence erupting along the northern border”.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that Israel has no intention of initiating war against any regional player in the Middle East.