Iraqi terrorist group says holding two Americans

An Iraqi terrorist group that detained an American man for more than two years announced on Saturday that it had kidnapped another American, a US military contractor for the Defence Department in Baghdad.

“Two Americans are in the hands of the League of the Righteous,” a spokesman for the terrorist group stated on an Islamist website on Saturday. “One was taken two years ago and the other some days ago,” the spokesman said on condition of anonymity. He added that one of the hostages  was abducted in Karkh, on the west bank of the Tigris River in Baghdad, and the other one was taken in Karrada, a commercial district in the heart of the Iraqi capital.

The Pentagon confirmed on Saturday that Issa Salomi, 60, an American citizen of Iraqi origin employed as a contractor for the US military has been missing since January 23. However, there were no immediate comments from the US embassy in Baghdad about the abduction of Salomi or Ahmed Qusai Taei, an Iraqi American who reportedly was abducted in 2006.

A terrorist group “The League of the Righteous” which already has kidnapped Westerners in Iraq in the past, posted a statement and video on its website on Saturday showing Salomi reads out the group’s demands. In the statement they demanded the release of jailed terrorists  and “ to bring the proper justice and the proper punishment to those members of Blackwater company that have committed unjustifiable crimes against innocent Iraqi civilians.”  Blackwater Worldwide — now known as Xe Services — was involved in a shooting incident in Baghdad in 2007 that claimed the lives of 14 Iraqis.