Baku renews war threats over Nagorny Karabakh

Azerbaijan‘s Defense Minister stated on Thursday that his country would take military action if Armenian forces dit not pull out of the disputed Nagorny Karabakh region. “For 15 years diplomats have been unable to find any solid solutions to the conflict”, Azeri Defense Minister Safar Abiyev said at a meeting with French AmbassadorGabriel Keller.

Abiyev said that “Azerbaijan cannot wait for another 15 years” and that it was time “to use military rhetoric”, adding that “if occupying Armenia does not free our lands, a large conflict will be inevitable in the South Caucasus“. Last year, the United StatesRussia and France, the mediators in the dispute, tried to solve this crisis, but failed to reach in a concrete solution.

Clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the area ended in 1994 when a ceasefire was signed. The two sides are still technically at war because no peace treaty has been signed.