Al-Qaeda leader killed in Dagestan

Sources within Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) stated that a prominent Al-Qaeda leader and one accomplice have been gunned down by Russian security forces in a clash in Russia’s volatile North Caucasusregion of Dagestan.

According to the FSB, Mohmad Mohammed Shabaan, an Egyptian national also known as Seif Islam (“Sword of Islam”), and his Dagestani accomplice, Ibragim Magomedov, were killed during a special operation on Tuesday evening.

Citing FSB officials RIA Novosti news agency said Shaaban had masterminded acts of sabotage to blow up railway tracks, electricity lines and energy pipelines at the instructions of Georgian secret services. However, Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs denied the allegations.

Additionally, Shabaan was said to have been active in SudanAfghanistanLibya and Georgia. Moreover, according to, an Islamist website, Seif Islam has been “participating in the jihad in Chechnyaand the Caucasus for more than 15 years”.