21 drug traffickers arrested in US-Colombia operation

In a joint operation on Monday morning Colombian national police and US authorities arrested 21 suspected drug traffickers in several cities around Colombia and the raid is still ongoing in the US.

Reportedly, the arrested men (some of them are pilots) are allegedly involved in the trafficking of Colombian cocaine to Central and North America in aircrafts. They are believed to belong to trafficking organizations Loco Barrera,” “Los Mellizos” and “Los Rastrojos.”

General Oscar Naranjo, head of the Colombian National Police sated that “Operation Frontiers” was conducted mainly in the north-western city of Medellin. “This structure of 21 drug traffickers captured with the aim of extradition are criminals linked very closely … to the drug trafficking kingpins in Colombia today,” he said.

Meanwhile, US authorities have requested extradition of the arrested drug traffickers. According to officials the latest raid was the biggest anti-drug trafficking operation carried out jointly between Colombia and the US since operation “Milenio” in 1999.