North, South Korea exchange fire near sea border, no injuries

Citing officials in Seoul, the Yonhap news agency reported that North Korea fired around 30 artillery shells near its disputed sea border with South Korea, which retaliated with warning  artillery fire. The exchange of fire comes after North Korea declared a contested area of the Yellow Sea as a ‘no-sail zone’ on Monday.

The South Korean news agency said that the North Korean military fired first and South Korea responded, adding that no casualties have been reported from either side.

“We have confirmed North Korea’s firing of several artillery shells, but they did not cross the (Northern Limit Line),” Yonhap quoted Park Sung-woo, member of Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. South Korea is put on high military alert as North Korea threatened with more shelling.

Reacting on Wednesday’s fire, a senior official with the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul stated that the artillery shells were only warning shots because the shells coming from the North landed well within their own waters. The senior official added that a counterattack is not to be ruled out if the shells would strike South Korean soil.

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