Nigeria: Sectarian violence leaves 12 dead in Nigerian city of Jos

ESISC: A dusk-to-dawn curfew has been imposed by the Nigerian government soon after sectarian violence left at least 12 Nigerians dead in the central city of Jos on Sunday. “The government has placed a 12-hour curfew from 6pm to 6am (local time) on the city following some violence in Nassarawa Gwom district of the city,” said information commissioner for Plateau State, Gregory Yenlong.

Reportedly, tension began early on Sunday after an argument arose over the issue of rebuilding of homes destroyed in the November 2008 clashes. Reuters correspondent who was on the scene said he counted 12 bodies at Jos University Teaching Hospital and at the city’s main mosque.

Residents said several houses and vehicles were also burnt in the clashes between Muslims and Christians in the city’s Nassarawa Gwom area. “I was at the Jos University hospital, where I saw nine dead bodies and six people injured with machete cuts on admission,” said resident and local journalist Musa Habibu.

Gregory Anyating, police commissioner for Plateau state, said he could not confirm the death toll. “I cannot give casualty figures now until my men complete their full investigation. Thirty-five people were arrested,” he added.