‘FARC ordered to recover strategic routes’: El Tiempo

FARC guerrillas in southern Colombia have the order to recover “at all cost” six strategically important routes from state troops, newspaper El Tiempo reported Tuesday after seeing e-mails found on a dead guerrilla’s computer.

The newspaper was given copies of e-mails in which FARC supreme commander “Alfonso Cano” orders his troops to step up efforts to gain the strategic territories.

“The units are disorganized, which has impeded the moving forward of the Revolutionary Rebirth of the Masses[the FARC’s main strategic plan] … People will have to make more otherwise we will have to work double to reach the set goals,” the newspaper quoted from the documents, adding that in the correspondence guerrillas are ordered to begin an offense to recover lost territory.

One of the direct orders of “Cano” is to “at all cost immediately recover the six basic points for the logistics and work of the masses of the FARC-EP,” El Tiempo quotes from the emails.

The strategic points are located in the southern part of Colombia, where state presence in rural areas is relatively weak.

The army says found the e-mails earlier this month after the bombing of a FARC camp just south of Bogota. The computer on which the e-mails were stored allegedly belonged to “El Negro Arturo,” the second-in-command of the FARC’s 51st front, who was killed in the attack.

Colombian intelligence have been analyzing the content of e-mails recovered from the computer.