11 killed in heavy Mogadishu fighting

Fierce fighting between Somali government forces, supported by African Union (AU) peacekeeping forces andAl-Qaeda-linked Somali terrorists killed at least 11 people, mainly civilians. According to official sources, at least 25 others were injured in the clashes in the capital Mogadishu on Friday.

Reportedly, fighting erupted at midnight around 2:00 am (2300 GMT Thursday) after Islamist rebels launched out coordinated attacks on a number of positions held by governement-backed troops. The armed encounters continued throughout Friday morning and engulfed a large part of the capital, including the presidential palace and the KM4 junction, halfway between the Somali capital’s airport and harbour. Nine civilians were killed during the shelling, while 22 others – mostly women – suffered injuries.

Meanwhile, in a statement the Al-Shabaab terrorist group claimed responsibility for the shelling. A statement reading “Our holy warriors launched a fierce offensive on several locations in Mogadishu where the apostate militias and their Christian backers were stationed” was issued. Additionally, Al-Shabaab confirmed the deaths of two of its fighters.